Thursday, October 27, 2011

T-Rex Push-ups

Hi Friends,

I'm mid work related tornado this week, so this is going to be an UBER fast post again (sorry!).

Today i'm taking a MUCH needed rest day after an INTENSE Tabata style workout at Crossfit on Tuesday and equally as challenging strength workout with Kathy yesterday morning.

I initially thought I'd get a workout in today, until I woke up SUPER sore. Rest is ESSENTIAL for muscle development and prevention of I've totally feeling like this guy today....

...I don't think I could DO a push-up even if I wanted to!

Sooo, aside from lots of work today, there will also be plenty of "active" resting...aka stretchies and walking!   Active rest is KEY to flushing out the lactic acid, and working out the fascia so that you remain loose, injury free, and to beat soreness!

Let's talk about fascia! "Fascia is a dense type of connective tissue, all of the muscle in your body is enclosed in this fascia.The job of fascia is to help protect muscles and allow them to maintain their position throughout the body."

While reading FitnessRX yesterday, I came across this interview with a trainer about fascia and intense training and how to keep things in order:

The Article Highlights:
Problems concerning fascia -- "Intense training can cause fascia to become tight, causing inflammation, which leads to a thickening of the tissue. The thickening leads to restrictive muscles that can't stretch -- plus it can make you look bulkier than you are!!"

What should you do -- Starting your workout with self-myofascial release work with a foam roller and/or lacrosse ball will help release the tight fascia. It's also the perfect thing to do on rest days!

Recommendations: Roll at least 3x a week and make sure to stretch as well!! If you feel especially tight or sore, rolling and stretching daily is the BEST solution!!

Sites with Self-Myofascial Release Exercises:

Techniques using a foam roller --

Techniques with Tennis or Lacrosse Ball --

Alrighty party people, get your self-myofasical release and stretchies on!! It hurts, but in a GREAT way and after all the hard work you put in training, you are doing yourself a TREMENDOUS favor!!!

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